Blogging at the Holler’s for the Birds!

This woman lives in a tough neighborhood.

I was sitting at my desk, just getting ready to post on birds of the far southern hemisphere, when I looked up and there walked Big-Bob! (All new critters at The Holler get names.) So instead of birds from the far south, you’re gonna get critter action from the Holler’s wild-west.

Of course Big-Bob, a great egret, doesn’t belong here. He belongs at the lake, but this is one of the many things I love about birds, they don’t follow human directions, and they pay no attention to where ornithologists say they should be.

Anyhoo, I grabbed my camera and followed Big-Bob. He was on a mission and unfortunately lizards were on the menu. Meet Fred.

Fred knows us. He is a very large, very old alligator lizard, but he got much smaller when Meep-Meep, the roadrunner, relieved him of his tail, which he is diligently trying to grow back…

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Brinco – 39kg, 60Nm, 60km/h – 4.800€

Much food for thought. And practical use.


Bultaco, cu o traditie de peste 50 de ani se reinventează cu un bike de vis.
Se poate comanda și în România – preț 4.333€ + TVA.
Brinco are doar 39kg greutate, viteză maximă de 60km/h.
Putere nominala – 2000w, cuplu – 60Nm.
Autonomie până la 100km în mod pedalare asistată electric.
Baterie de 1300 Wh Li-ion cu până la 1000 cicluri, celule Samsung.
Combustibilul pentru 100km costă sub 1leu, bateria se poate încărca în 2 ore.
Baterie are 8kg și poate fi schimbata in 15 secunde.
Brinco are 3 moduri de funcționare – Eco, Urban și Sport.
În modul Urban respectă limitarile UE, poate fi astfel folosit ca o ”bicicletă”.
Adică fără înmatriculare, fără asigurare, fără impozite.
Și mai ales nu veți mai plăti niciodata benzina sau schimb de ulei.

2016-05-15 (1) shop online @

Brinco R

Schlumpf Gearing System

 offroad (8)offroad (7)2015-06-01_bultaco_brinco-1712015-06-01_bultaco_brinco-1650st1

st2Strava Analysis


st4Strava Recording

Brinco Uphill TestBrinco Uphill Test – viteza medie de 38,9km/h urcare…

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ibike kit RFQ

Buying request for e-bike frames
that can carry

80 cell battery cases from Reention,
4 cell/
78.2mm wide, 505mm long.
Mail / Skype :

reention-dorado-IDI+78#11Model 1: Hardtail with 500w geared hub – top speed 45km/h
# Kunteng components (LCD3, sinwave controller, waterproof cables)
# electric hydraulic brake 180mm, Shimano, Tektro or similar
# other small parts like Wuxing full throttle
# 27.5″ wheels, # front air suspension#01 (1)ht1.PNGdapugeometrycatalyst#12#11th2

Model 2: Bafang middrive 45km/h with rear suspension
# air suspension, # Tektro ebrakes, # Sram NX11, # SunRace MX8 11-46T, # 27.5×2.4″

#21waBafang 2018

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The Future of City Mobility

zero-fxsElectric motocycles have best range in city, under 60km/h speed. The issue is to have a model similar in specs with Zero FXS but at a much smaller end user price. The Zero has moto acceleration 3,9s to 100km/h, enough range to make long commuting. The engine and the battery can go up to 700.000km lifetime, with 80.000km / 5years warranty!! @11.000Euro.

volta-specsvoltavolta-rangeVolta has good technology, performance but range too short. @8.900Europower-emotorcycle-t400-11-1specsWith front wheel: 80/100-18 & rear wheel: 110/80-17, 72V40AH Co-Mn-Ni Lithium Battery, top speed of 100km/h Tailg T600 looks good, let us see pricing. subversivefactoriestork-duke Tork T6X and Duke 200 have about same price, but Torq has 29Nm at any speed (at low city speeds) while Duke 200 can get to 19Nm only after reving up up to 800rpm (at high speeds). Torq do not need to change gears in city. It seems that Tork will make a…

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People are willing to pay $85 for this sandwich. So why is only one made each day?

Do they deliver? (Yes, from the kitchen to the table.) Do they have Drive-Thru? I think not.

Nwo Report

Emily Faber

Living in New York, high prices can become the norm. You’re paying $13 for a midday salad from the closest no-name lunch spot in your office building, a $54 bar tab might not even get you tipsy, and rent prices tend to come up as frequently in conversation as the weather. When you hear about an $85 sandwich, you might pause for a moment, sure, but it’s too easy to dismiss it another gimmicky trend that the city will have moved on from by the time the seasons change.

But at SakaMai, their $85 beef sandwich is rich not only with the decadent meat responsible for its unusual price tag but with the culture, customs, and history surrounding Japan’s world-renowned but often inaccessible Wagyu beef industry.

And when the New York City restaurant limits their offering to just one sandwich served each day, as intriguing as it…

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