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Mighty Warrior: A word from the Lord for you.

via Mighty Warrior: A word from the Lord for you.

A message from the team owner given by the coach.


Sen. Charles Schumer introduces measure to decriminalize marijuana!

via Sen. Charles Schumer introduces measure to decriminalize marijuana!

“It’s simply the right thing to do.”  Do it correctly to prevent stoned surgeons, airline pilots, heavy equipment operators, automobile, bus, and drivers …  We should find a way to see whether one should be following the functions of those just mentioned.  In the meantime, appropriate medical use with products that do not send people into foggy thinking would not be a problem.

Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition

For one side, win, win, win, win! Dumb others down, dictate all human activity, depopulate, get rich! For everybody else, lose, lose, lose, lose!

Truther's World

By Ryan Cristián, Guest writer

Everyone has the simple desire to find happiness within themselves — to find a state of well-being that can be carried throughout their lives. Sara is no different. Sara is a teacher who struggles with mental conditions for which she has been prescribed a bevy of medications.

Over the years she has struggled, as most in her situation have, with addiction and the unbearable side-effects of her FDA-approved “safe” medications. Her absolute passion in this life is for the children whom she molds and develops with an unrivaled dedication.

As she began to grapple further with the unexpected effects and growing addiction to her medications, she began to see it affecting her ability to be present in her responsibilities, while also stealing her creativity that she so greatly treasured.

So when she discovered kratom, which successfully replaced not one but all of her…

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Kerry in Abu Dhabi Swipes Trump Policies: US ‘Cannot Turn its Back on The World’

Secretary of State for a shadow government without portfolio. Civil discourse? Benghazi?

Nwo Report

( –Former Secretary of State John Kerry, in a speech in the Middle East Sunday, implicitly criticized President Trump for policies such as withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, saying that the United States “needs to build partnerships and cannot turn its back on the world.”

On climate change, he told graduates at New York University Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, “the reaction of some people my friends, is to play to the lowest common denominator of common politics. Close the doors, pull back from the world and pretend that we can solve problems by ourselves – for ourselves, too.”

“I want to make it clear: We won’t win, any of us, ultimately, by retreating within our borders, by focusing on our own nations only, and going it alone,” he said, adding that the world is “too interconnected” for that to work.

Kerry did not mention Trump…

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Workers hit McDonald’s with new sexual harassment claims

Harassment of girls and young women working in McDonald’s in America, unacceptable. Grooming, drugging, raping, and prostitution underage girls (and anybody), in Rotherham, Luton, anywhere else in the UK, abominable.

peoples trust toronto

May 22, 2018

By Lisa Baertlein and Daniel Wiessner

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK (Reuters) ? Ten women who work at McDonald?s restaurants in Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and six other cities have filed sexual harassment complaints in the past few days with the federal government against the company and its franchisees, which they said ignored or retaliated against them for such complaints.

The complaints, filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), are the latest effort by the union-backed Fight for $15 to have McDonald?s designated a ?joint employer? of workers at McDonald?s franchises and thereby liable when its franchisees violate labor laws.

The claimants, including a 15-year-old from St. Louis, said in a conference call with journalists that they were ignored, mocked or terminated for reporting the behavior. The accusations included claims that co-workers or supervisors sexually propositioned, groped or exposed themselves to the women.

?I felt I…

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1947-1948: Brits Look On as Jewish Terrorists Ransack 274 Palestinian Villages

A history and current events that must be properly told.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe Part 3

Al Jazeera (2013)

Film Review

Once the UK announced its intention (in February 1947 – see 1947: British Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine ) to end its occupation, the UN Security Council voted to partition Palestine –  granting 56% of country to Jewish settlers (who represented 5.5% of the population) and 44% to the indigenous Arabs (who comprised 94.5% of the population). There is documentary evidence that the Truman administration used a combination of bribery and “pressure” (unfavorable aid or trade consequences) to swing the UN vote in favor of partition.

By 1947 the combined forces of the Jewish paramilitary (terrorist) groups had reached 40,000 and begun a campaign of systematic ethnic cleansing (which paramilitary leader and future prime minister David Ben-Gurion documents in his diary). By May 14, 1948, the day British troops withdrew from Palestine, half of the country’s 548 villages had already…

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Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

Fracking fracture? Odd that Basel, Switzerland, should be part of this, home of the Bank for International Settlements, global econothermal power.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

by Jon Rappoport

May 22, 2018

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano has explosively erupted, there is a geothermal energy plant. It is the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Plant, in Puna.

There is a long-running debate about whether PGV is fracking. The debate may be a matter of terminology, because in the geothermal process, as reports, “…the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks used in geothermal energy plants does fracture the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety.”

Whether deep injection of fluid aims to capture oil, gas, or heat (geothermal), the beginning stage of the process is the same.

Earthquakes induced by this water-injection could obviously trigger a volcano.

For example, here is an alarming article about a geothermal project…

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