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Hitler learns about Harvey Weinstein

We need to laugh in times of no laughing matter.

Fellowship of the Minds


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The Telltale Signs the Western Oligarchs Are Doomed

There are many causes of our problems and many solutions for them. Among the first is public funding of political campaigns only, no private funds, including deferred payments, gifts, promises of jobs for candidates, friends, and families … Just one solution, but essential. Anyone have more, there are many.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: The Telltale Signs the Western Oligarchs Are Doomed | New Eastern Outlook

Phil Butler

Oct 11, 2017


Everyone hates sore losers, so why do the globalists and their puppet media still exist? Reading today’s headlines, listening to failed politicians sputtering and stuttering around the world, I’m constantly dismayed by the apathy and ignorance of the world’s populations. Isn’t it abundantly clear by now, Vladimir Putin and Russia hold the winning cards?

Before I go on, let’s get something straight. I am a patriotic American who loves his country and her people. Nobody on God’s Earth can prove otherwise. Now that this is settled, let me make something else abundantly clear. America has no positive future without the kinship and partnership of Russia. If the globalists elite who’ve admittedly set themselves up as the new world order (See leaders from Obama to Trump admitting same) remain on the present…

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How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

The military comes from varied (not all) strata of society, but promotions into the upper ranks is confined to those trusted by higher authority after getting and training.

Video Rebel's Blog

The US military is one of the few institutions in America that draws its members from all races and religions with blood relatives in all ethnic groups except for Jews. We are under threat of extinction from our self-appointed leaders on Wall street and in the City of London who gave them selves the right to create our money as a loan at interest. This has led to a Mountain of Unpayable Debts. Our economies are near collapse. Banker Occupied Governments see us as an enemy. Their Foundations have done hundreds of studies saying they would be better off without us. They say that six billion of us should die. They are setting America up for a violent and protracted race based civil war that will kill both sides just to depopulate us and enslave the survivors.

The American military hopefully will refuse to sacrifice millions of their relatives so…

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Swedish dental hygienist was fired for reporting 80% of child migrants are adults

The NWO swamp needs to be drained Ned before we are tyrannized by an unelected Globalist rulers in their Trilateral/Orwellian world.

Fellowship of the Minds

Samhällsnytt is a Swedish-language news site founded by Kent Ekeroth, 36, a member of Sweden’s parliament, the Rikstag, and a member of the Sweden Democrats — a nationalist, conservative political party.

Egor Putilov, a former Rikstag member and political asylum officer for the government’s Migration Board,reportsfor Samhällsnytt on Oct. 4, 2017 that a dental hygienist made the mistake of informing the Migration Board that the majority of “unaccompanied” child “migrants” in Sweden actually are adults. For that, he was fired from his job and his home is threatened with confiscation.

Bernt Herlitz, now 57, and his wife were trained to become dental hygienists in a three-year course of studies at Umeå University, after which both found employment at the Public Health Service in Visby, Sweden, where many so-called unaccompanied refugees seek dental care.

In July 2016, the couple attended a seminar in Almedalen on how an…

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Hollywood “Insider” Exposes Clones, Cults, Serpents, Mind Control And More

What a posting! Hooray for Follywood! NOT!

50 Shades of Pissed Off

I stumbled upon a fascinating forum from 5 years ago from a woman who goes by “Felicia G” that had worked in many areas of the Entertainment Industry (from Broadway to Hollywood). What followed were some fascinating observations on MANY celebs that have never been mentioned in these “conspiratorial circles” before, along with many that have, but with new information. She covers everything from mind controlled models, Michael Jackson clones, where the d-list actresses have gone, “serpents” in the Industry, to secrets behind Beauty Pageants and more. I compiled some of the most interesting posts here. Note that some of these are other ppl’s responses to her. Also note that when a celebrity is referred to with an F replacing the first letter of their name it stands for “fake”. Like when someone calls Joan Rivers “Foan Rivers”…this means they’re talking about a possible replacement.

When I lived in San…

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