Britain Is Becoming a Police State Faster Than You Think

via Britain Is Becoming a Police State Faster Than You Think

The UK tyrants are manifesting themselves as they seek their Globalist empire.  The ambition of Cecil Rhodes is flowing over the land like lava in Hawaii, may it be stopped, even reversed, at once.  If that does not happen, may it drain into the ocean and be frozen there.  And the hypocrisy!  Or irony!  Rhodes and Ruskin, extreme racists both, having racism used to destroy the English people in order to take over the world.

Suggested reading, Cecil Rhodes’ will and his “Confessions.”  After having read them, one becomes a true Rhodes Scholar.  Much extra credit reading material is also available.


One thought on “Britain Is Becoming a Police State Faster Than You Think

  1. Britain is virtually a Police State. The Police are ordered to follow a man around for a full day as he goes from one Town to another, to pick up flowers and then goes out in the evening to dinner, the coppers following him even changed to night shift. The man Tommy Robinson, Britain’s only person who has the guts to speak out, who has given people like me at age 69 the voice to speak out. I love my Country but I am saddened by the way it is being destroyed, the Whites in this Country have little say. There is NO FREE SPEECH anymore in my Country, the Government/police and judicial system incarcerate Tommy Robinson, whilst muslim child rape gangs continue in this Country, whilst London is now a very dangerous City, the crime is out of control, the police too scared to do anything. Tourists should be warned not to come here. I don’t enjoy saying all of this, but every word one speaks one has to watch, there are plenty who would be only too willing to report said. Stinks of the Nazi days? Russia has perhaps more freedom than us these days. As a 69 year old woman born in England of Irish Blood, I won’t keep quiet about the truth of this Country today.

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