Islands of Forgotten Time~

There is no clock. Like a Las Vegas casino, but that is where any similarity to that city ends. As hard as we try, colored lights and city noises can’t compete.

The Cooks are the islands that time forgot.

When you are here time loses meaning.

You don’t wear a watch,

or have a clock.

You rise with the sun,

and set with it too.

You are on island time.

You make island friends,

like Jim’s hiking partners,

and my little buddy who are on island time too!

Cheers to you from the timeless Cooks~

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2 thoughts on “Islands of Forgotten Time~

  1. Vegas cannot compete. Civilization is too discontented. Somehow people in places like the Cooks manage to escape somewhat intact from all of us. They still actively care about each here, and even us, the tourists. The children call me auntie. I know this says something about my age, but it also says more about the people and their home.

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