People are willing to pay $85 for this sandwich. So why is only one made each day?

Do they deliver? (Yes, from the kitchen to the table.) Do they have Drive-Thru? I think not.

Nwo Report

Emily Faber

Living in New York, high prices can become the norm. You’re paying $13 for a midday salad from the closest no-name lunch spot in your office building, a $54 bar tab might not even get you tipsy, and rent prices tend to come up as frequently in conversation as the weather. When you hear about an $85 sandwich, you might pause for a moment, sure, but it’s too easy to dismiss it another gimmicky trend that the city will have moved on from by the time the seasons change.

But at SakaMai, their $85 beef sandwich is rich not only with the decadent meat responsible for its unusual price tag but with the culture, customs, and history surrounding Japan’s world-renowned but often inaccessible Wagyu beef industry.

And when the New York City restaurant limits their offering to just one sandwich served each day, as intriguing as it…

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