Professor Says He ‘Wouldn’t Mind’ Seeing President Trump ‘Dead’

What happened to our country after our last president to die was in office? Unending war, a twenty trillion dollar national debt, loss of our industrial base, mass welfare and unemployment … Why not make America great again?

Nwo Report

Hank Berrien

On January 31, a Northeastern University professor from the university’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs who served as that school’s founding dean from 2006-2012 told a gathering at a public event that he “wouldn’t mind” seeing President Trump “dead.”

Barry Bluestone made his ill-tempered remarks at an event titled, “The Rule of Law in a Time of Polarization,” part of the university’s 2018 Myra Kraft Open Classroom series, which examines “the definition of the Rule of Law, what it requires, what happens in its absence, and how it has declined and emerged globally,” as well as how the rule of law works in times of “polarization and technological upheaval.”

The January 31 event centered on “Challenges Posed by Economic Inequality & Stagnation.” Journalist Robert Kuttner also served on the panel with Bluestone.

The video had been posted by the university’s School of Public Policy and Urban…

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