Beyonce: ‘DNA Tests Reveal I Am Descended From Illuminati Bloodlines’

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Nwo Report

Beyonce says she deserves her position at the apex of the entertainment industry not because she is talented, beautiful or hard-working, but because she is “descended from Illuminati bloodlines,” according to reports.

Revealing that a “DNA test kit” given to her by Gwyneth Paltrow’s 13-year-old daughter Apple Martin “opened up a whole new world to me” and “created my obsession with tracing my family tree”, Beyonce told close friends and associates on Jay-Z’s Family Feud video shoot that her family is “closely related” to the Bush family, Rockefeller dynasty and “the Queen of England.”

“We are related to the Rockefellers on my Mom’s side. I thought that was something but we are also not-so-distant cousins of the British Royal Family,” Beyonce boasted.

One of the most powerful families in the world, the Rockefellers have extreme wealth and power. Beyond their holdings in real estate and industry, as well as…

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