MSNBC star has on-air FREAK OUT! (she was totally caught off-guard)

To explain the greater right of President Trump’s ancestors as opposed to some present day immigrants to come to the United States, understand that they were carefully vetted, were carefully monitored, would not be dependent on government for survival, would be most enthusiastic about dedicating their lives to our nation, flag, free-market capitalism, and Constitution rather than seek the the destruction of the greatest nation in history for the sake of a few power-mad Globalists. We have enemies domestic tearing down all our walls as they recruit enemies foreign (troops, civilian or not)that meet their immediate job requirements.

Nwo Report

Horn News

MSNBC star Joy Reid freaked out live on-air Sunday when a conservative guest revealed disturbing details on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — and she cut off the mic rather than face the disturbing truth.

Discussing President Donald Trump’s alleged “sh*thole” comments made regarding Haiti, Reid asked guest Stephanie Hamill — a reported for “One America Network” — to weigh in.

Hamill’s response caused everyone to freak out.

“We didn’t actually hear the president say those words,” Hamill said. “When I read [Trump’s comments], yeah… this is the biggest fake news story of the week. And it’s interesting to sit back and watch people are so angry over what that the president didn’t say… they’re more angry than they are at the Clinton’s for getting rich off the poor Haitians. You can ask all of the Haitian-Americans that have been protesting against the Clintons and the Clinton…

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