Revelation from CIA Pilot: Must Be Seen and Heard to Be Believed. Or not.

via CIA Pilot: 250 Million Citizens Are Living Inside Our Moon

Captain Lear deserves our greatest respect for continuing a commitment to duties always fulfilled by professionals in the CIA whatever the cost. Information from that organization must be believed, it lives to meet its basic responsibility, to speak truth to power or anyone else who will listen. And believe. Think that is easy, you just try finding such an audience.
There is great danger in carrying out that mission, and others have died for it. For example, David Ferry, another CIA pilot, died most suspiciously years ago just before he was going to release this information to the public. Today, we have more to share with America. There are lessons to be learned regarding how the moon Moon got into its present condition. Did you notice that there was little vegetation? Its cause is the excess of carbon dioxide from auto emissions years ago and is most evident in the Gore Humbugg Valley. The consequence was moon Moon residents having to exist on nourishment solely from mushrooms. However, don’t be overwhelmed with pity, there is much we can do, and we have the obligation as “Homo Stupidus” to do it.
We have before us the great opportunity to assist others. This calls for our building a bridge to the Moon mushroom mole people, and the sacrifice on our part will be great. We welcome the challenge! We will not fear what is ahead by building a wall to keep trouble out, we will build a bridge to bring it in! Or go forth and dwell with the Moonies while sustained and most closely monitored and commanded by our noble masters back on Earth.
How will we fund this commitment? Well, we are most fortunate to have experienced individuals dedicated to meet such needs through the establishment of foundations. Further, we also have bankers looking forward to helping in this cause with loans for assigned contractors needed for all buildings and infrastructure. Want a second home? A timeshare? A new residence? Opportunity beckons! Today is not the day to go West, millennials, it is the day to space out!


2 thoughts on “Revelation from CIA Pilot: Must Be Seen and Heard to Be Believed. Or not.

    1. William Casey, former CIA Director, now deceased, once said that the agency I especially work will be done when the American public believes all the news the CIA provided I does. A mocking bird?

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