C-Diff – ‘How I am defeating a Super Bug

To whom it may concern: (That would be everybody.)

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


*** DISCLAIMER – First, I want it understood that this information is an account of HOW my personal c dif treatment was handled. I am not a doctor and this is NOT a diagnosis or recommendation for anyone else.If you have c-diff, please seek medical help. I also strongly advise that you do your own research and enlist the help of a ND or professional who understands HOW to RESTORE natural gut flora.If you have c-diff, please know it can become dangerous, deadly, if not treated properly. I am providing leads to info that can assist anyone on how to avoid this super bug. I also hope to provide some encouragement to those who already have c diff. It doesn’t have to be forever!

My Experience:  Tho no infection showed on x-ray, my dentist prescribed an antibiotic for what he feared was becoming an infected…

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