House of Saud’s Power Struggle Could Turn Bloody

A posting worthy of study and comment; Mideast meets West.

Astute News

Over the coming months, the current power struggle within the House of Saud may develop into a bloody affair. For a long time Al-Saud boasted that unlike previous emirates and sheikhdoms that had previously ruled Arabia, they avoided bloody power struggles among themselves. The situation now seems to be different.

In 2007, the Al-Saud invented a 34-member royal committee of allegiance to sort out the delicate balance of power between the princes and elect a king by consensus. But the committee is now a relic from the past. If ever it had a role, it was a rubber stamp invoked to cast a veneer of consensus on royal decrees.

The prospect of future bloody royal battles is aggravated by the drive to move the Saudi succession from horizontal to vertical lines

Of course, this persistent official narrative about the loving consensual royalty masked reality. Palace intrigues that are often an…

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