Former Intelligence Officer in Germany: ‘Not Safe for Women’ Due to Migrants

Welcome to Merkelstan! From Muhammad to Marx/Mussolini, what could go wrong? Read all about before having going to find out through experience.

What Did You Say?

Posted by | on January 4, 2018

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Former MI5 intelligence Officer Annie Machon has blown the lid on Germany’s more than terrible crack down on the sexual assault crime spike taking place. 

Slamming Angela Merkel for failing to address the issue, Ms Machon said: “Germany is one of the leading western liberal democracies in the world.

“Yet women cannot feel safe to go out in the streets to celebrate a public holiday. 

“What does that say about equality? What does it say about human rights for women in Germany these days?”

She continued: “You need to investigate the people who might be perpetrating the attacks and stop those attacks, rather than offering a safe haven for women after those attacks had happened.

“I can understand why the general authorities did this in Berlin, particularly after the assaults in Cologne two years ago, as…

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