The UN’s Shocking Report on US Poverty

It is the goal of the powers behind the U.N. to break the United States, and the promoters of the NWO have been working at that. The United States stands for success, and most of us want all nations brought up to our level, not all nations (including the U. S.) brought to levels even lower than where we are today. If the Globalists are successful, almost everyone will suffer as everyone will see who the people of privilege really are.

The Most Revolutionary Act

This Al Jazeera news feature highlights the recent report by UN Special Raconteur Philip Alston on extreme poverty levels in the US. Panelists include Alston himself and antipoverty activists from Alabama and Skid Row in Los Angeles. A Guardian reporter accompanied Alston on his tour of American communities. The photos are heart wrenching.

Alston points out the US is very different from other poverty-stricken countries he visits. Other countries have large indigent populations because their governments are too poor to assist them. In contrast, the US has just awarded $1.5 trillion to its most wealthy citizens.

According to Alston, the US has 40 million people living in poverty and many of them are employed. During his investigation, he spoke to WalMart employees who can’t afford to feed their families without federal food stamps. The US government provides $6 billion in food stamps to WalMart employees.

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