The Age of Misbelief

The writing of much Biblical history, the present, and the near future are all in Revelation/Apocalypse 12. We are in the time of the Dragon on earth for his last days increasing in anger. War against Israel, then against Christians is to take place. God, Israel, and Christians have a common enemy, and Israel and Christians have a common protector.

Lee Duigon

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I’m a storyteller. I collect stories by watching movies and TV. Sometimes this is hard on me.

I don’t know whether these TV shows reflect something in Western culture that has really happened, or are just being shaped by somebody’s agenda. But it really does seem, in this vast collection of fiction, that the default position of almost all the characters is ABC–Anything But Christianity. The few Christians who do appear in the screenplays are almost all portrayed as nuts, and the other characters respond to them as they would to a strange animal species inexplicably appearing in their midst.

It is not “unbelief,” because there’s nobody who is without some set of beliefs or other, but rather “misbelief.” They don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in Jesus Christ. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what they believe in. Other times it’s easy: their own smartness, the State, Science, evolution…

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