Cook County commissioner asks UN to send troops to quell Chicago’s gun violence

Rahm Emmanuel is attempting an unauthorised surrender David Rockefeller’s CFR/UN/NWO troops. When RE worked for BHO, he spoke enthusiastically about becoming mayor of Chicago. How did he know? And Boykin, African-American, why can’t you remember the m any African-Africans slaughtered as the armed David Rockefeller U.N. “peace keeping” troops stood by and watched for so long in Rwanda. Win-Win for the NWO. Create chaos from depopulation to achieve Global order for a few.

Fellowship of the Minds

Last weekend is no different than previous weekends in Chicago, a gun-control city. Sixteen were shot in the city’s mean streets, killing five, including a 15-year-old boy.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 2016 was the deadliest year for homicides in decades, but 2017 promises to outpace 2016.

The victims are preponderantly black, as are the perpetrators. As an example, the Chicago Sun Times has a website, Homicide Watch Chicago, chronicling every homicide. From the photos on the website’s front page, the latest victims are all black.

Chicago is in Cook County in the state of Illinois. If a city’s police are overwhelmed by and unable to contain its epidemic of homicides, the mayor should declare martial law. If that doesn’t work, the state can send in its National Guard. If Illinois’ National Guard is unable to deal with Chicago’s homicides,  Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner can ask for help…

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