Reusable Rocket Success: Watch it Land

Success of private undertaking speaking for itself through action.

True Strange Library

This is amazing. Some seeing this video have claimed it is just a rocket launch played in reverse. It is not. This is a real rocket, the Falcon 9’s first stage, doing a controlled landing back on earth.

Less than 10 minutes after liftoff today, the Falcon 9 first stage came back for another pinpoint touchdown — the second of its operational life — at Landing Zone 1, a SpaceX facility at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX has now pulled off 20 first-stage landings during orbital flights and re-flown landed boosters on four separate occasions.

Such activities are part of SpaceX’s effort to develop fully and rapidly reusable spaceflight systems, a key priority of the company and its billionaire founder and CEO, Elon Musk. …

As the Falcon 9’s first stage was landing today, the rocket’s (expendable) second stage kept powering the Dragon to orbit. If everything goes according to plan…

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