MTV announces the arrival of Nibiru With The Slogan “Brace For Impact”

Another look at reality, past, present, and future worthy of study and comment in Rev. 12.

50 Shades of Pissed Off

So I happened to be watching MTV the other day for the first time in probably about 8 years…I had it on as background noise and was doing something else…. until this commercial for MTV’s Music Video Awards abruptly caught my attention….and it gave me major chills….Watch this 30 second clip….

WOW….how blatant can you be?

I mean where do I start? I’m not an expert at decoding symbolism but even I can pick out the most obvious here. The “theme” “Countdown…..5….4….3….2….1…..Brace for impact”….Um hello?…Ya dont think they could be talking about Planet X now do you?? Wake Up Call!! They ARE. In the beginning of the video a bright light is shown approaching….as a man’s voice in the background says “T minus 30…Countdown begins”.

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 5.22.22 AM.png

The next obvious symbolism I noticed was the white bridal looking dress rising up in the air.

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 5.23.49 AM.png

Right as the woman’s voice says “Brace for…

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