Race War: Black assaults on BART; Confederate flag-flying homeowners murdered

If there is to be division, let it be Americans against UnAmericans, the NWO/UN/Globalist betrayors of this great country. Setting race against race, pro-Constitutional faith against pro-Constitutional faith, South, North, East, and West, and many other minor differences we have plays into the plans of our common enemy. That enemy is using Islam/Sharia, Marxism, and other forces to bring about a unity they can use for Mastering the Human Domain.

Fellowship of the Minds

Last Saturday, FOTM‘s TrailDust published a post, “Why There Are More Blacks in Prison,” on a gang of black teens viciously attacking white teens at Marina Bay, an upscale waterfront entertainment and residential area in Quincy, Massachusetts.

What happened in Marina Bay is no isolated incident. Here are two other recent cases:

(1) Black man randomly assaulted two on SF Bay Area BART

On August 3, 2017, at 7:31 p.m., a black man attacked a male (race/ethnicity unspecified) who was seated on a BART train at the Bay Fair station in San Leandro. The suspect hit the man in the head with an unknown metal object, then punched and kicked the victim. The suspect then fled the train and ran out of the station. The victim and witnesses told police that the attack was unprovoked.

Court papers identified the metal object as bolt cutters. The victim suffered a…

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