Cynthia, the Runaway Fleshing Eating Synthetic Bacteria, is Claiming American Lives

Although Assad probably did not kill his own people with chemicals, Obama probably did?

Tales from the Conspiratum

“Journalists…suspect that the local population is suffering from the spread of Cynthia, the runaway flesh eating bacteria that was bred on demand by BP (British Petroleum) to combat its major oil spill in the same area back in 2010.”

“The fact that Cynthia was created in secret US laboratories only to be unleashed in the region without any prior studies into the possible consequences has already been reported.”

Source: Cynthia, the Runaway Fleshing Eating Bacteria, is Claiming American Lives | New Eastern Outlook
Jean Périer
July 18, 2017


The Alabama Department of Public Health has recently announced that has observed a new pandemic involving a potentially deadly flesh eating virus spreading like wild fire in the Gulf of Mexico area. The majority of those infected were swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, and had minor cuts or bruisers or ate raw seafood from this area. Upon infecting a…

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