Why I voted for Donald Trump

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn Rand

Fellowship of the Minds

The final reason wasn’t my confidence in Donald – It was my certainty about Hillary

Unlike Barak Obama, Donald Trump’s past is unshielded and available for all to observe and research.

We can know and expect many things about Donald Trump, most of them good, but some possibly objectionable to ideologues on either end of the Liberal/Conservative spectrum. What we can’t predict is how Trumps skills will transfer into the challenges of the presidency. So there is some unpredictability about Donald Trump.

Like Donald, Hillary also has a history that can be studied.

Hillary has been active in international affairs for years, definitely long enough for us to make accurate predictions. We can see that if she became president, she would corrupt every part of our government to serve her personal desires. We can see that with the power of the oval office, anyone who opposed her or became inconvenient…

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