Linda Sarsour And Her “Mentor”

Source: Linda Sarsour And Her “Mentor”

Her generalities are remote from truth, reality, and they are not to be studied.  It is found in th he speech of many politicians and news purveyors and community organizers and public relations specialists today.  She tells us that she can be herself anywhere.  Does that include worshipping anywhere in a mosque, driving an automobiles in Saudi Arabia, and presenting testimony in a sharia court and know that it would be equal to that of, a man in acceptance?  I await her response telling us thAt she would never want those things in the first place.  Like uncircumcised women fighting to have FGM committed on themselves.  She also declares that those in the White House are not normal and are not to be recognized as having authority.  That is part of sharia; kaffirs have no right to sovereignty.  That pleases Allah, she said, and we are not to worry about pleasing anyone but Allah.  And she tweeted that Muhammad was a human rights activist.  Well, that made sense after one learned that Muhammad considered those not Muslim to be subhuman, not fit for association.  The Koran gets into more detail about that as it presents the possibility of being converted to Christianity.  Don’t assimilate, stay away from kaffirs.  And, if you do assimilate and leave Islam, there is a great possibility that you will not be able to assimilate with anyone; you may well lose your head.


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