#ElsaGate – Do Not Leave Your Children Unsupervised On YouTube!

Do NOT let your children be raised in the nurture and admonition of the master of damnation and depravity and his minions.


The following article is reblogged from the original author Travis, over at http://www.readwipedandblew.com – if you are interested in what has come to be known as “ElsaGate” or PizzaGate or PedoGate for that matter) – check out his blog for other articles.

In short, very sick people are using sophisticated MKULTRA brainwashing and psychology, to deliberately corrupt children, for a multitude of reasons, through the use of cartoons and pop culture characters in short animated (sometimes acted) videos. As cultural nihilism, as a means of grooming, as a revenue from paedos, as a covert experiment on mass mind control, or a combination of two or more – or maybe other reasons which aren’t readily apparent at this stage. One thing is for sure – it is utterly sick and we must stop it.

As always, the best sources for further research are anonymous blogs such as 4Chan, Voat, or Reddit…

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