Seattle-area school districts turn to health centers for children

Welcome to Brave New World! If you are a long the lucky, you will be part of our select elect! When notified, report to the assigned Parenthood Laboratory. We will extract either the egg or sperm from you, let you rest with a cup of coffee and a donut, choose the name you desire for your child, and then you go your way. Be assured, your child will be overseen most carefully for the good of society. Thank you, earth person, for your contribution to The Order. You will be notified again if we find you useful for any further contribution of any science nature.

Fellowship of the Minds

melissa harris perry

What is not mentioned in this article is if parental notification is required for a physician to meet/advise your minor child (especially if they receive family planning services). But I’m sure the lack thereof is on purpose, as noted by the spin of school health centers presented as an academic benefit for your minor children.

From Seattle Times: Evidence connecting students’ overall health with their academic performance has mushroomed in recent decades, such that Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman calls it one of the best-established links in all of social science.

Seattle’s school district, ahead of the curve on this issue, has for 30 years provided health services to kids in two-dozen schools. Now the success of that effort is spreading.

Next fall, Bellevue, Renton and Vashon Island each will open one school-based health center, offering an array of services from annual checkups to behavioral counseling

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