Venezuela crisis forces women to sell sex in Colombia, fuels slavery risk

Maria goes from a country rich in resources to the one next to it to earn money to save her mother’s life. People come to the presently rich but in great debt from across oceans to ply the same trade. Will there be any dominoes of morality be left standing if this global corruption does not stop? We are not under a law of the jungle, we are under a power of those intending to create an immense chaos for their increasing power. Then, that struggle will continue among themselves. That is the human condition without Judeo-Christian law. Start with following the Ten Commandments, the Two Commandments (love the Lord they God with all thy heart, soul, and strength and thy neighbor as thyself, and the Sermon on the Mount.

Fellowship of the Minds

sean_penn_hugo_chavez_not_a_dictato Sean Penn and BFF Hugo Chavez

Hey Sean Penn, when are you going to come to the aid of these victims?

From Fox News: As a humanitarian and political crisis in neighboring Venezuela deepens, a growing number of Venezuelan women are working in bars and brothels across Colombia.

“I didn’t do this in Venezuela. I never ever imagined I’d be doing this in Colombia,” said Maria, who declined to give her real name, to Reuters. She charges $17 for 15-minutes of sex, and the money earned is spent on buying medicine for her mother who has cancer.

For the past year, she has traveled back and forth from Bogota to Venezuela’s capital Caracas every 90 days, before her tourist visa expires, carrying medicine, food and soap. “I’m ashamed I have to do this. It’s a secret,” said Maria, 26, who has told her family she is a traveling…

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