Did Russia Interefere with the US Hacking its Own Election?

Look at the smoke coming from that barbecue grill,! Don’t worry about your house, one hundred feet away, and in flames.

True Strange Library

Reality Winner is such a great name. What she may win, for apparently not seeing the reality of the bigger game being played, however, is jail time.The bigger game is the illusion of US democracy.

In US elections, each county reports results as ballots are counted. There is no central computer to be hacked. If the evidence Reality Winner leaked is from county vote systems and is Russian IP addresses, hackers already know that those will be seen in logs and that IP addresses can be falsified.

The underlying US election problem is proprietary code (e.g. Microsoft MDAC) and backdoors in hardware used for electronic voting systems, plus a lack of paper recipts that allow a recount. The code we use for voting is not secure, many think on purpose.

The (voting) system also appears to use MDAC 2.1, or Microsoft Data Access Components, which was found in theā€¦

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