Robert De Niro rants that the U.S. has fallen from ‘uplifting drama’ to ‘tragic, dumba** comedy’

Any mention about the causes of our decline proceeding apace after November 22, 1963? Blame those few who seek to destroy our great country for immense power for themselves by creating a chaos they create to give them control of their new world. If you don’t stop reading the scripts they give you and start carefully studying what is taking place, descent will continue, you will have played your assigned part.

Fellowship of the Minds

robert de niro TDS causes ugliness both inside and out Last October De Niro said he’d “like to punch him (Trump) in the face.” De Niro has also been very vocal about his distaste for all things Trump.

It is my opinion that Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned the proggies’ butt hurt into a “tragic, dumba** comedy.” Just see my previous post on the “comic” Kathy Griffin” for verifiable proof.

From Yahoo: Critically acclaimed actor Robert De Niro said Sunday that the once-inspiring United States has descended into a “tragic, dumbass comedy.”

De Niro, 73, offered his assessment of the country under President Trump while delivering a commencement address at Brown University.

The movie star received an honorary doctorate of fine arts at the Ivy League school in Providence, R.I. He described what he sees as America’s fall from grace “in movie terms” and encouraged the 2017 graduating class to work toward…

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