Mexico Criticizes New Texas ‘Sanctuary City’ Law

Mexico, use some of the great wealth of a few of your people obtained through corruption from the right set of Mexico and open your own sanctuary cities for refugees from south of your border and the Middle East. No more using your country in o order to destroy ours, stop providing non-stop express travel to people who fail to appreciate the blessings we offer to the honest and board working people, no more ushering into our land racists who are here to plunder, pillage, and rape. No more of your racism!

Fellowship of the Minds

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Imagine my distress…

From Yahoo: The Mexican government is expressing regret over a new Texas ban on so-called sanctuary cities, saying the law could step on the rights of its citizens who choose to live just across the border.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations on Monday said in a statement that the Texas law signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott “criminalizes even more the phenomenon of immigration.” It says the law foments racial discrimination and will reduce collaboration between police and immigrant communities.

Mexico is Texas’ largest trading partner and shares close ties with the state.

Abbott on Sunday night signed the bill that allows police to ask a person about their immigration status during routine traffic stops. He says the law does away with those who “seek to promote lawlessness in Texas.”

San Antonio’s police chief says the department will abandon a policy prohibiting officers in the nation’s…

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