Strasbourg in Color~

Dem guys, da ones dat bilt dem churches, day knew what to do wit a pile of rocks! The genius of design down to great details and the knowledge of physics applied to create works that lasted centuries amazes me. I fear entering them and being blamed for their destruction when they might fall on my head. Thinking of their design and construction astounds me as I think of the loss of life from falling from great heights. Of course, iron workers of today have the same dangers, but there are some nets. And the fact that it took centuries to build some of them. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it took about as long to build as it took a cathedral.

Strasbourg Cathedral,

bursts into color,

during Palm Sunday full moon.

Wisteria blooms,

all over the city,

while city squares erupt in color!

Strasbourg itself is full of color,

both in the buildings and the rivers.

Jim adds to the colorful variety,

while Strasbourgians bring the color indoors!
Cheers to you from the stunning old city of Strasbourg~

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2 thoughts on “Strasbourg in Color~

  1. I am glad you know this because this cathedral just blew my mind. It rises out of a normal ancient town square like some transplanted modern skyscraper on fairy dust. You are walking in a medieval village to go to the cathedral, and then it is there. My first thought, “how did they build something so tall?” Immediately I thought of the scaffolding that must have been so dangerous. Even today, the catherdral is under repair, and there is this ladder going all the way up. I thought, “Who climbs this? How long does it take them?” I wish I was there to take the photos to answer all my questions and yours too.
    It is just simply stunning in every sense of the word.

    1. Sorry about my first sentence if it was offensive to anyone, it was just to express the feelings of those comforted and assured of apparent security in the ease of today and lack of knowledge of the past and then awestruck . Mastery of civil engineering expressing feelings with great art. The greatness of Cologne, even in the many exquisite details, Notre Dame with its flying buttresses for support of an otherwise unstable structure, and much more greatly impressive work. It is to me as a great symphony with a variety of complexity coming together in Beethoven’s head and put on paper with a quill pen and primiively made ink.

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