Globalists vs Populists Battle For Trump’s Attention, 1570 – YouTube

Still Reports still worth following, and more than ever before. Described easily solved economic difficulty would solve many others.


The Still Report

As is always the case at this point in a new President’s administration, those who have been brought in to work in the White House, begin to separate into different camps. The division that is gaining media attention both here and in Britain is the division between the populists and the big banker/globalists.

This should come as no surprise. We aren’t going to expunge the influence of big banks – ever, ever, ever. We can only decrease it as we, through our efforts, increase our own political influence.
And that’s what my video blog has been all about since I started it 10 years ago this coming July.

And mind you, I don’t want to purge big bankers from the planet. They represent an interest group and certainly since God put them here, they must be good for something? Even vultures and leeches have their place.

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