Change Agenda Follows False Terror event in Westminster, London*

It is reasonable to believe that most of their rulers would be eager to do this to implement a 1984 Brave New World Order. However there is nothing brave about it other than eternity in help for those who cause it.

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Change Agenda Follows False Terror event in Westminster, London*

The Ministry of Defence’s former cyber security chief has accused the Government of trying to “use” the devastating Westminster attackto grab unnecessary and intrusive surveillance powers.

Major General Jonathan Shaw said ministers were attempting to “use the moment” to push for security services having more control, despite there being only a weak case for it.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has turned up the heat on internet firms, saying it is “completely unacceptable” that authorities cannot look at encrypted social media messages of attacker Khalid Masood, but her words come as debate continues over allowing spy agencies further intrusive powers – only last year Parliament granted them sweeping new capabilities.

Government must be able to spy on Whatsapp users, Home Secretary says

After Ms Rudd demanded access to encrypted messages on sites like WhatsApp, Major General Shaw said…

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