Human Sex Trafficking Arrests: Trump 1,500+ in 1 Month, Obama <400 in 1 Year

God is watching.

What Did You Say?

waving flagdisclaimerAuthored By Dave Jolly February 27, 2017

human sex trafficking

Donald Trump has been President of the United States for just over a month and in that time, the mainstream media has been busy attacking Trump and other conservatives. They are so busy blasting Trump and his people over every little thing that they fail to report the many positives that he and his administration have been accomplishing in such a short time. Actually, the mainstream media hasn’t just failed to report the positive accomplishments, they are intentionally ignoring them and don’t want the public to know about them.

Were you aware that Barack Obama and his administration supported legalized prostitution with prostitutes as young as 10-years-old?american-children-sex-slaves

Obama and his administration fully supported many of the United Nations efforts to impose their will on our nation and others around the world. One…

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