A Worse Taxation Regime Than Ours

This posting is not a presentation of ideas for the Globalists, is it?

Lee Duigon

Image result for images of julius caesarJulius Caesar

Don’t get me wrong–ours is pretty bad. My wife, with decades of experience as a top-notch bookkeeper, trained by CPAs, responsible for her company’s finances, took all week and half a ream of paper to prepare our taxes. If it’s that complicated and difficult for her, what’s it like for someone else?

But as bad as our taxation regime is, history provides us with one that was even worse, much worse–the one the Roman Empire used at the time of Christ.

Once upon a time the Romans financed their government with booty looted from the people that they conquered. Silver and gold, proceeds from the sale of slaves–it all went into the treasury. But eventually they ran out of rich peoples they could conquer, and at the same time, the Roman state became much, much bigger and costlier, so they needed another way.

Thus was born the Roman…

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