MUHAMMAD AND FORCED CONVERSIONS TO ISLAM: The true meaning of “no compulsion in religion.”

Courtesy of  Socialism is not the Answer “The command of “no compulsion in Islam” was a unique command that had doctrinal authority for only a little over two years. It was abrogated both by …

Source: MUHAMMAD AND FORCED CONVERSIONS TO ISLAM: The true meaning of “no compulsion in religion.”

Chapters 8 and 9 of the Qur’an present both the command for world conquest for Islam, but, also material incentives for jihad “in person and goods.”  The incentives were so great that in one hundred years, Muslims, from the first part of the seventh century, began the first attempt to conquer the world with a jihad that subjected people from India, back west, over North Africa, over Spain, Portugal, part of France, and some islands (Sicily, for example), in the Mediterranean.  Apologists for Islam would tell us that Islam filled a political vacuum rather than having met the desires of the armies to take for spoils all of the possessions of the defeated, including their very bodies.  Where death did not fall on the victims, total slavery did, including openly practiced sexual slavery.  For each warrior, twenty percent of the spoils had to be given for Islam and its prophet.  Such Islamic practices are accepted and followed today.

Jihad has continued, and knowledge of it is found in good history books and good newspapers.  For those who enjoy study of history, look into the Turkish attempt to take over Europe and how our civilization was saved by, among other things, the army from Poland marching south to defeat the enemy and the Battle of Lepanto, a great fight that Christians won against the Muslim navy.

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