Trump Supporter Looks Ahead to New Administration:  Lisa Shin calls president-elect a pragmatist on immigration, economy.

Rational people who love their county, whatever country that may be, will seek to reject those entering their country with the intention of destroying the rational person’s homeland. Why should anyone in the United States apologise for that attitude? President Trump is a rational man who loves his country, and many who oppose him cannot say that about themselves. Some people here are lured into socialism/communism with “free” gifts by would be rulers who will use any program to get control of the public and then maintain that control at any cost to the people. But I don’t have to tell you that, you are rational and love your country.

Korean Americans for Trump

By MATTHEW ORMSETH, Rafu Contributor

Where many Asian Americans saw an exclusionist whose views on immigration evoked past injustices, Lisa Shin saw a pragmatist unafraid of addressing national security issues head-on, and whose economic savvy could create jobs and return America to the fore of the global economy.

Shin, the daughter of South Korean immigrants, was one of President-elect Donald Trump’s most vocal advocates among the Asian American community during the election, and was invited to speak at the Republican National Convention earlier this year.

Shin’s father came to the U.S. to study mechanical engineering, and her parents became naturalized citizens shortly after. Her father had grown disillusioned with the communist regimes in neighboring Vietnam and China, Shin said, and he embraced the Republican Party’s platform of small government.

Source: Trump Supporter Looks Ahead to New Administration

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