Sunday Smile: Doctors successfully operate on twins in the womb after discovering serious medical condition

Let there be life! Don’t worry, Margaret Sanger won’t yell at you, she is no longer around.

Fellowship of the Minds


From Daily Mail: A set of twins has survived thanks to groundbreaking in-the-womb surgery.

Jake and Oli Whettingsteel were never expected to make it after their first ultrasound at 12 weeks showed one of the boys was feeding from a single blood vessel. They were suffering from rare twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) where blood flows abnormally between the babies – meaning Jake received all the nutrients while Oli was being starved.

A generation ago, there would have been no options for their parents Ben, 34, and Jane, 33. But surgeons atSt George’s Hospital, London, defied expectations by performing a laser operation to separate the boys’ blood vessels at 17 weeks – while they were still in Jane’s uterus.

Even with the operation, there is just a 50 percent chance that both would make it to the birth. However, the pregnancy continued smoothly, and at 29 weeks both boys were…

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