Russia’s alleged Hacking in Vermont. It Never Happened…. Governor orders Investigation

The crazies have come down from the attic and are loose on the streets.

Counter Information

Global Research, January 07, 2017
Paul Craig Roberts 6 January 2017

Apparently, the CIA not only owns the US and European media, university faculties, the US Congress, the heads of state of the US Empire, many pseudo-fake leftwing and progressive Internet sites, but also the governors of the US states.

How can it happen that the citizens of Vermont elected a mindless individual as governor? Governor Peter Shumlin, a Democrat, called on federal officials “to conduct a full and complete investigation” of Russia’s alleged hacking of Vermont’s electric grid system “and undertake that this never happens again.”

Of course, it never happened at all, as has been confirmed by US intelligence services. But this did not prevent the governor from denouncing Russia for something that not only was Russia not responsible for but which we now know for certain never happened.

Listen to the elected…

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