Hillary’s ‘arrogant’ aide Huma Abedin – tried to force her way past Secret Service agents without ID and expected them to carry her luggage

If that is how that crew treated the people dedicated to sacrificing their lives to protect those would-be tyrants, how would they have treated almost all of the rest of the United States? Further, the Hillary gang did all this with the support of almost all of our media and Congress. We didn’t dodge just a bullet, it would have been a weapon of mass destruction. In the name of Jesus, thank you, God!

Fellowship of the Minds

Ronald Kessler,  a former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, is the New York Times bestselling author of The Secrets of the FBI and The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents, now in paperback.

Huma Whispers

Daily Mail: When it comes to arrogance, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s longtime top aide, and her presidential candidate boss are two peas in a pod, according to Secret Service agents. For that reason, it’s not surprising that the FBI investigation of Hillary’s use of classified emails reportedly got a jump start after uncovering highly classified emails sent by Abedin and another Clinton aide.

Yesterday, it was revealed that State Department BlackBerry devices issued to the former Secretary of State’s aides Cheryl Mills and Abedin, 39, have likely been destroyed or sold off, the department said in a court filing.

Based on the research and interviews for my…

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