Snopes Exposed As Unfit To Judge What’s ‘Truth’ – Mainstream Media Declared The Real ‘Fake News’

One disappointment after another, it as bad enough learning that there was no Easter bunny.

peoples trust toronto

Right now, all across the globe, alternative media outlets that are receiving millions of views and ?likes? across several different social media platforms are continuing to grow and garner attention, this is due in large part to the fact that so many people can now see through the ?hogwash? that mainstream media spews out on a yearly basis. Sure, not everything that?s presented to the masses via mainstream media is ?fake news,? but unfortunately, a large portion of it is and this has been demonstrated during several instances which provided onlookers the opportunity to ?wake up,? for lack of a better phrase.

Perhaps the best example in recent history was 9/11. Even today, studies are being published that pretty much make it clear that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. Here?s a great example that was published last year in the magazine of the European Physical Society

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