Libtard actor is sued for allegedly hitting private driver after inhaling laughing gas and complaining about spending money on donations to Clinton campaign

Are we dealing with a growing force of violent Trumpaphobic jihadists? The Qur’an tells believers to conduct jihad with their goods and their persons. Believers such as Miller should not complain about loss of goods because of their loss of war and then continue war with their persons against a defenseless driver.

Fellowship of the Minds

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Office Christmas Party" - Red Carpet Jennifer Aniston and fellow actor T.J. Miller

I’ve never heard of this crazy actor before. The only thing I know is he is full of butthurt, possibly high, and has a severe case of TARD.

From Daily Mail: Silicon Valley star TJ Miller allegedly attacked his private driver during a heated argument about Donald Trump after inhaling ‘laughing gas’. 

Wilson Deon Thomas III said he was hired to drive the comedian around for the day and claims Miller was inhaling nitrous oxide out of small metal canisters better known as Whip-Its, a party drug said to give users a quick and euphoric high.  Thomas claims Miller finished his entire stash and then called on his assistant to bring him more that day, according to TMZ.

He said Miller, who recently starred in Office Christmas Party, repeatedly complained about how much money he spent supporting Hillary…

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