The Falacy of a Two-State Solution

A wealthy, democratic nation was created out of desolation in a desert in spite of events such as the Hebron massacre, conducted almost twenty years before the birth of modern Israel. That massacre was carried out by Muslims who were allowed ownership of firearms against those rebuilding a many centuries neglected land yet were disarmed, defenceless, Jews. All under a British “Protectorate.” So it is with the United Nations.

Once Written

Chalk up another one to President Obama and Secretary-of-State John Kerry after the U.S. abstained in a crucial vote on Israeli settlements to throw more chaos into the Israeli – Palestinian conflict and weaken our ties with Israel.  I’m sure ISIS is celebrating tonight.

This is in directed response to the US abandoning the middle east in the latest Israeli settlement vote making the settlements “illegal”.  With the U.S. abstaining from the resolution, it passed by a vote of 14-0.  The UN Security Council passed the emotional vote condemning settlements in both the West Bank and East Jerusalem as an obstacle to peace.

The US could have vetoed the vote.  They decided to abstain.  What a way to support our strongest ally in the most back-ass-ward regions of the civilized world.  Obama took the unprecedented leap to intervene in an almost dead resolution straining 50 years of US/Israel diplomacy supporting…

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