Watch! Satanic “Spirit Cooking Dinner” Features Mutilated Corpses, Dismemberment

If you think they are bad, what are the people they work for like?



Satanic “performance artist” Maria Abramovic has been in the news since Friday’s Wikileaks dump revealed that Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta was associated with one of Abramovic’s Satanic activities.

This public “dinner” raises the question of what a private “dinner” with this sick b*tch would be like.

As you might expect, degenerates Hillary and Huma are also involved with Abramovic:

Hillary Clinton is the woman that the parasites who infest America will vote for and likely make the first woman president of the United States.

Hillary’s interaction with or membership in Satanic cults will mean nothing to these immoral degenerates. They also support bloody partial birth abortion (baby killing), so what would you expect of them.

God help America. Or Destroy it.

One more thing. All of these elites…

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