The Church of Global Warming

Metuchen, N. J., is close to the Atlantic, move to the Rockies!

Lee Duigon

The Red Pope is at it again. Now, he says, new Roman Catholic priests are to be instructed to preach that “Climate Change”–called Global Warming when it isn’t snowing–is “real” and “caused by human activity.” After all, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences says so ( ).

That deserves a raspberry.

Confession ought to be a trip, from now on. “I have sinned… I used half a dozen pieces of toilet paper in one trip to the loo.” Why does this enterprise remind me of Starbuck’s abortive scheme, not too long ago, to nag customers about “racism” when they bought a cup of coffee?

Mr. Pope–when you and your globalist buddies start acting like you believe in man-made Climate Change, and give up your private jets and mansions in order to Save The Planet, then maybe some of us will believe it, too. For the time being, it still looks…

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