Threats to assassinate Trump from CEO, banker and newspaper columnist

The stakes at this table are higher than anything in Los Vegas or Monte Carlo.

Fellowship of the Minds

I’ve written before that I believe the differences in worldview and fundamental values of conservatives and liberals are irreconcilable. The only way we can live together as one country is that both sides observe the “rules of the game” — the rules, laws and social conventions by which we conduct politics in the American constitutional republic. One of the rules of game is that the losing party in an election accepts and abides by the electoral results.

In 2008 and 2012 when Obama was elected and re-elected, I don’t recall conservatives rioting, assaulting, or threatening to kill him. Do you?

Not so with the 2016 presidential election. See “Love Trumps Hate’: Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter“.

Here are three threats to assassinate Donald Trump: from the CEO of a cyber-security firm, a UK newspaper columnist, and a senior banker with the world’s third largest bank.

(1) Matt…

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