Democrats are abandoning their evil queen

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…” And uneasy as one strives to obtain it and even more uneasy are some heads that are in the way.

Fellowship of the Minds


Democrat support for Hillary Clinton seems to be wavering in the wake of the FBI re-opening its criminal investigation into then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unlawful use of an unsecured private email server. The FBI’s decision, announced just last Friday, was provoked by the federal agency stumbling across 650,000 emails on a laptop shared by Hillary aide Huma Abedin with her now-estranged husband, the sexual pervert Anthony Weiner.

As many experts have noted, only something very serious in the new emails — even more serious than what we already know about Hillary’s email thus far — could have prompted the FBI to re-open its investigation.

See “Weinered: FBI reopens investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails

(1) Doug Shoen

A big-name Democrat has abandoned Hillary’s sinking ship.

He is Doug Shoen — Fox News contributor; former Democrat pollster/consultant for over 30 years, who is widely recognized as a co-inventor of overnight…

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