Women reveal the words they’d most like to BAN from everyday language

Feminist could not join Publius for the Federalist Papers when she demanded that the freedom of speech to be claimed as a right in the First Amendment could not be claimed if offensive to high maintenance, hysterical, and bossy birds.

Fellowship of the Minds


From Daily Mail: Have you ever been branded ‘bossy’ for speaking your mind, been labelled a ‘drama queen’ for showing passion or been called a ‘bird’? These are are just some of the words British women have deemed derogatory and would most like to ban from the English language.

‘Bird’, ‘doll’, ‘chick’, ‘babe’ and ‘queen bee’ are the top five most hated pet names while ‘hormonal’, ‘drama queen’, ‘bitchy’, ‘high maintenance’ and ‘hysterical’ are the descriptions women find most offensive.

The survey of more than 2000 16-24-year-old British women also found women feel their strength as a female is undermined four times a day. One third of women reported they have been told to ‘man up’ in the workplace.

Nicola Roberts Nicola Roberts – a strong womyn that will not be held back…

Former Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, spearheading the Special K ‘Strength Is…’ campaign that commissioned the research, said:…

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