Hillary at 9/11 looks worse than the corpse in ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

Please, somebody tell me, is this reality, or has life been nothing but a universal hologram this past election year?

Fellowship of the Minds

If you don’t know why some in the Alternative Media refer to sickly Hillary Clinton as “Weekend at Bernie’s,” they mean a 1989 comedy movie called Weekend at Bernie’s, about two low-level financial employees, Larry and Richard, at an insurance corporation in New York City who discover their crooked boss, Bernie, dead in his Hamptons island beach house. Before Larry and Richard can call the police, guests arrive for a party that Bernie would host every weekend. To Larry and Richard’s amazement, the guests are too engrossed in their partying to notice their host is dead. Fearing implication in Bernie’s death, and wanting to enjoy the luxury of the house for the weekend, Larry and Richard decide to maintain the illusion that Bernie is still alive.

Here’s a poster of the movie. The man in the middle is dead Bernie, being propped up by Larry and Richard.


Coincidentally, Hillary…

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