Send the families some flowers

We are for us/US, not for the terrorists.

Cry and Howl

Have you ever seen a gangster movie, you know, where the boss is having one of his underlings tortured and subsequently beaten to death with a baseball bat? The underling is a long-time member of the gang and his family had mingled at parties and gatherings with the other mob members and families. But somewhere along the line the poor guy made a mistake and the boss has him done in.  When the murder is completed the boss tells his body guards to “send some flowers to the widow … something nice” and they all attend the funeral in mourning attire comforting the widow and children of the deceased.

That is what I’m reminded of every year on 9/11. All the politicians and government officials, the current president and past presidents all attend memorials and make eloquent speeches over the people they sacrificed on 9/11/2001 for the “greater good” of…

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