The US Government Just Militarized The CDC – Episode 1069

X22 Report at 15:42 about Zika and CDC control of pop., including info [GWB once declared part of his job was to repeat messages, “catapault the propaganda”]; 24:18, illegals told in own country Obama invited them here, no screening [same as Merkel German open door in Germany]; 27:00, BHO provoking China [maybe somewhat justified]; 28:16, Russia being provoked, bankers want war.


From X22 Report

The housing bubble is popping and it is spreading.  US job opening jump unexpectedly. It is worse than the Great Depression, 1 out of 6 working age adults are out of the work force. Class 8 trucking orders continue to decline. The consumer auto loan bubble is about to pop and it will hit hard. The central bank is backed into a corner, it almost time for the entire economy to come crashing down. We now know who is in power when you are not allowed to mention the Federal Reserve while President or running for the Presidency. The US Government learned from the Ebola crisis, militarize the CDC and give the agency sweeping powers that can’t be questioned. Obama uses his dictatorship powers and provides funding for Zika out of congresses reach. Obama says the US will continue to provoke China. US flies a spy plane without…

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