AP throws Hillary under the bus!

A very old car commercial applicable to the Nixon years, “There
is a Ford in your future.”

Fellowship of the Minds


That’s it folks, Hillary is officially circling the drain.

Hillary’s media cronies have pulled the plug on the Hilldabeast.


Most official visitors paid Clinton Foundation to get access

WASHNGTON – Under Hillary Clinton’s leadership, the State Department was run like a mob-run shakedown operation, with more than half the visitors she met with from outside government paying money to the Clinton Family Foundation for the privilege, according to an Associated Press investigation of her calendars.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/hillarys-state-sponsored-graft-racket-exposed/#5rIaTdIPKsPp6hXi.99

In case I wasn’t clear, the Associated Press (AP) has just outed Hillary. The AP has a near stranglehold on the news media. They control a lot of what the public calls news. This was not Fellowship Of The Minds or Alex Jones or Breitbart outing her, it was the “other side,” the infamous Main Stream Media (MSM). That means that even MSNBC and CNN will…

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