Time To Throw The Scoundrels Out

As it was then …


let them eat cake.jpg

So, What Just Happened?

  1. The Elites were forced into offering a Brexit referendum to avoid endangering the Establishment LIBLABCON monopoly.
  2. Despite a completely biased Project Fear onslaught by combined foreign, corporate, ‘luvvie’, media and political elites – the Peasants looked to be voting Leave. The Establishment were beginning to lose control, so had to turn the heat up. The best way, as this blog always highlights, is ‘Ordo Ab Chao’. Order out of chaos. An event which flips everything on its head, for the media to spin and confuse the public an lead them into the ‘right’ result.
  3. To turn the narrative, we had the Jo Cox murder.  Whether it was a ‘False Flag’ event or not – what followed in the next 7 days up to the Referendum was a complete fullscale media psy-op to attack Brexiteers with politically correct memes that it was ‘lack of education’ and ‘racism’ causing people to Vote…

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